Warranwood Primary School’s Nangkita Wetlands (Frog Bog) is normally a beautiful, tranquil, delicate bush conservation area where students can sit quietly and read or just practice some mindfulness whilst listening to the dulcet tones of the frog choir in the background. The wetland is currently...

having to battle many invasive plants and has been unfortunately losing the fight. Our frogs had stopped croaking, and it wasn’t a place you would want to spend time. The area needed some specialised care and attention.

Warranwood organised for a team of highly qualified plant specialists to visit and utilise all their skills to help get the Nangkita Wetlands back on track. That team is a small herd of Goats! They are eating their way through all the pest plants and helping get the Frog Bog back to a manageable level.

After a very successful first visit in August, the goats have returned ready to eat through any Spring growth and then the Frog Bog can enter the next stage of rejuvenation. This will include removing difficult pest plants like blackberry canes at the roots.

We are very lucky at Warranwood to have an amazing group of parents named the Wriggleworms that are organising the goats rejuvenation of our Frog Bog. They selflessly donate their time to help in and around all green spaces of our school including our substantial veggie patch, frog bog and garden beds. They are supported by our student Greenologist team that gladly help during recess and lunch on their designated days.