Prep students are usually taught in a team teaching environment; each class is housed in a large modern double classroom consisting of a small sensory space, separate bag room and wet area.


We believe that Prep is one of the most important years of a child’s schooling as we set the foundations on which the rest of your child’s education is built on. If a child leaves Prep:

  • feeling confident about themselves as learners
  • comfortable as important members of the school community
  • able to establish sound positive relationships with their peers
  • able to work independently and cooperatively in small groups or as a class
  • able to adjust to school routines
  • and comfortable in the school environment

... then we believe that they are well on the road to becoming successful learners.

Our aim is to ensure all Preps achieve these goals by providing a well-rounded program catering for the total child: 

  • physically
  • socially
  • emotionally
  • and educationally