In 2015 we introduced RUIn, which supports the 3 core school values of Respect, Understanding and Integrity. 

We believe that positive relationships are essential for an effective learning community. Relationships must be based on shared values, which are the strong beliefs of our school community and are used to lead our lives. These shared values are:

  • Respect: treating others with consideration and regard,

  • Responsibility: personal, social, civic and environmental – being accountable for one’s actions including self-discipline, resolving differences, contributing to the school community and preserving the environment,

  • Care and Compassion: caring for oneself and showing interest in, concern and care for others,

  • Honesty and Trustworthiness: being truthful and sincere, and ensuring consistency between words and actions,

  • Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion: recognising and accepting the differences in ability, race, religion and beliefs of others,

  • Fair Go: treating everyone fairly at all times,

  • Doing Your Best: a personal achievement goal that is expected from all, and

  • Integrity: the principle of acting in accordance with the shared values.

These values are synthesised in the concept of R-U-In?

Respect, including fair go

Understanding, including tolerance and inclusion, care and compassion

Integrity, including responsibility, honesty and trustworthiness, doing your best

School values create a nurturing harmonious environment where all members of the community are respectful to each other.