Physical Education

All classes from Prep to Year 6 have a weekly 60 minute PE session with a specialist teacher. To supplement this program classroom teachers timetable further PE sessions within their weekly programs. All sessions are based around the development of the Fundamental Motor Skills (FMS) of catching, throwing, kicking, dodging, leaping and jumping, striking, running and ball bounce. These skills are introduced and developed in a sequential order throughout the year levels. The program culminates with Level 4 students taking part in Interschool Sport. Sport and other major games conducted within the school allow students to display their Motor Skills, they promote good sporting behaviour and students can develop game strategies.


It is important for all students to develop Motor Skills so, as young adults they will be skilled to take part in a huge array of sporting and leisure activities.


While we place emphasis upon all children taking part and having an equal chance to improve we do encourage and support more able students by giving them the opportunity to take part in individual sporting trials conducted by the Victorian Primary Schools Sporting Association (VPSSA).

A House system operates within the school. Students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all take part in annual Swimming Sports, a Cross-Country event and Athletic Sports. Each carnival has a house focus with every child, regardless of their ability, earning points towards their house. The carnivals are based around the VPSSA models. Students then have the chance to represent the school at District, Zone, Regional and State level.


Warranwood Primary School participates in the Ringwood District Sports Association inter-school competition. Students are encouraged to learn skills of major games and co-operate in a team, in Summer and Winter. Sports include netball, football, soccer, cricket, basketball, softball, tennis and volleyball. Successful teams in their division have the opportunity to extend themselves in the wider metropolitan finals that determine the State Champions.
Swimming and camping programs are run at various levels throughout the school. Many other health related topics, including drug education, sex education, leadership, cross-age tutoring, peer mediation, bike education, diet and healthy lifestyle are conducted within classroom programs.