Visual Arts


The school has a spacious fully equipped art room for the students to produce wonderfully creative pieces. Students are timetabled for Art sessions fortnightly on a rotating roster with Performing Arts. During Art sessions children are introduced to various forms of design techniques and are encouraged and guided to produce their own works of art.
Some of the topics students are introduced to are: cartooning, ceramics, drawing, jeweller, mask making, mosaic, pastil, painting, puppet making, sculpting, textiles and the list goes on.

River of Voices- Artist In Residence

Thanks to Creative Learning Partnerships Victoria our students have been very fortunate to work with the talented Melbourne based artist Rob Scholten. As our Artist in residence, Rob collaborated with students, staff and the community to create a stunning series of installations that together create a brilliant display of our history, shared stories and personal ideas.


It highlights the journey our local area and community has taken to date and include the themes: Aboriginal Beginnings, Agriculture, Urbanisation, Modern Times and The Future. The river refers to the nearby Yarra River in Warrandyte and the voices refers to the many people who have made this area what it is today and have been shared as part of this community-based project.


Our students have made connections with their school and wider community to generate ideas about: What was life like? What is life like? What might it be like in the future? They have created individual and collaborative artworks as a result of their learning.