Junior School



The Junior School classes consist of 6 multi-age Year 1/2 classes.

Teachers plan together to
• provide a differentiated program which meet the needs of all students.
• focus on students being actively engaged in activities they enjoy and learn from.
• build knowledge and skills.

At Warranwood, each double room is well resourced with computers and iPads that are used by all students during Literacy blocks, maths sessions and for research and communication.

Students visit specialist teachers for Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Japanese and Physical Education. Library sessions are taken in our large and well-resourced library by class teachers.


Swimming Program

Students participate in an intensive swimming program for five days at Croydon Leisure Centre during first term each year.


Camping Program

Students are introduced to the school camping program by participating in a ‘Late Night Experience’. Students stay at school at 3.30pm and have afternoon tea before participating in novelty sports activities and guest visitors. In previous years these have been activities such as a dance troupe teaching some smooth moves and an Aboriginal story teller to complement our unit being undertaken at that particular time. Students then have pizza for dinner before being collected by their parents at 7.00pm.