Middle School


The middle school consists of 4 year 3/4 classes. The teachers work closely together as a team to plan an enriching program that challenges each individual student to reach their full potential.


Most classes are in a double classroom and teachers teach in pairs to maximise the learning experiences for all children. Each double classroom is well resourced with computers that are accessed by all students throughout the working day.
Students visit specialist teachers for visual arts, performing arts, Japanese and physical education. Library sessions are taken by class teachers in our large and well resourced library.

In these years the curriculum focuses on developing the fundamental knowledge, skills and behaviours in literacy and numeracy and other areas including physical and social capacities which underpin all future learning.
Key characteristics of students at this level includes

• broadening their knowledge and interest in a range of disciplinary domains
• developing an awareness of common values
• embodying resilient attitudes to learning and social behaviour
• transforming ideas into objects and systems
• applying independent thinking strategies
• discriminating between the quality of information when forming opinions.


Students learn best when:
1. The learning environment is supportive and productive.
2. The learning environment promotes independence, interdependence and self-motivation.
3. Students’ needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests are reflected in the learning program.
4. Students are challenged and supported to develop deep levels of thinking and application.
5. Assessment practices are an integral part of teaching and learning
6. Learning connects strongly with communities and practice beyond the classroom.

The first few weeks of the year focus on establishing relationships with and between students and teachers, ensuring our classrooms are supportive and well managed. Students participate in ‘getting to know you activities’ and discuss how they want to be treated. Often words like considered, fairly treated etc are listed. These words are then explored or ‘unpacked’, with detailed examples of what these types of behaviours entail and clearly modelled to students.


Middle School Programs:

• Camping Program: the Middle School classes will attend Camp Jungai - a 3 day camp with a focus on indigenous education in the Rubicon Valley and the following year we attend an adventure camp at Bacchus Marsh.
• Swimming program: all students learn swimming over an intensive five day program
• Excursions occur each term related to the unit of work.
• Rotations: the middle school utilises the skills and expertise of individual teachers to teach a range of activities such as : sport, social skills, drama, art/ craft,
• Our HAWK program provides enriched educational opportunities for a range of highly achieving children.
• Environmental Program : Tree planting, recycling, maintaining Warranwood Primary School wetlands.
• Every student is part of our annual theatrical production, which can be a stage based production or a movie created at school, then presented at a local cinema.
• Taiko Drumming Group