Positive Education

Positive Education is an approach to education which is based on the research of Positive Psychology, which seeks to help everyone live meaningful lives.  Positive Psychology began in the early 2000’s as a response to the deficiency-based theories in the field, and it is premised on improving wellbeing by understanding what is right with people. 
Positive Education applies the science of wellbeing in schools in order to improve the entire school community.  This is evident in the Positive Education process adopted by Geelong Grammar and the Plus 10 network, which is ”Learn It, Live It, Teach It, Embed It” By improving wellbeing using scientifically validated research we aim to increase wellbeing such as happiness and gratitude happiness and decrease ill-being such as anxiety. 
At Warranwood, Positive Education is embraced in the classroom in a variety of ways such as: 
·         mindfulness exercises
·         learning about the 24 character strengths
·         identifying our signature strengths
·         explicit lessons on the six domains of: positive relationships, positive health, positive emotions, positive engagement, positive purpose and positive accomplishment
There is a group of teachers at WPS who volunteer to participate on a Positive Education team to improve their knowledge and application of the approach. All teaching staff at Warranwood PS have regular training in Positive Education research and aspects of the practices. As members of the Plus 10 network, which includes not only 22 local schools, but also Maroondah City Council, Melbourne University and Geelong Grammar, we are able to access the most relevant resources and training with the aim that our entire community has the opportunity to flourish.